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The Baggy Green Legend

** December 2016 - See below - Update ​News for the Iconic 'Australian Baggy Green' & 'Pink Baggy Caps' by famous Australian global brand Kookaburra

Baggy Caps is a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated designer and manufacturer of cricket headwear. Whilst we manufacture and directly supply large quantities of baggy caps and cricket headwear all over the world, our base of operations has been and will always be in Australia.

Almost on a daily basis however and as a big rule, we point out that we do NOT commercially sell or supply the Australian “Baggy Green” cricket cap as worn by the Australian Test cricket team.

Over the last couple decades we have literally received 1000s of emails asking if we could sell the Australian Test Team Baggy Green cap with the Australian Coat of Arms but this is something that we would just never do.

This particular Baggy Green cap and the “legend” & aura that surrounds it is something that we at are quite respectful of. We agree that it should remain in the domain of the Australian Test team so that it may continue to hold this special appeal in perpetuity.

There are no shortage of companies that try to replicate and sell the famous Australian Test “Baggy Green” and this is something that is not only ethically wrong but it is also now very illegal as the Australian Cricket Board (Cricket Australia now) has worldwide Trade Mark rights over “Baggy Green”.

The aura and legend of the “Baggy Green Cap” is often debated by players both past and present (see below) but what is absolutely certain is the fascinating history behind the “Baggy Green”.

Whilst is presently compiling a manifest on the history of the Baggy Cap in terms of its worldwide historical sporting perspective (see History section) an absolute must read is Mike Coward & Michael Fahey’s “The Baggy Green”. This book is well researched, well written and offers an entertaining insight into the fascinating history of the Baggy Green legend.

To find out more about this book or to get a copy of it please visit the website below … if you’re a fan of cricket or sports in general it is an excellent read.

The “Baggy Green” …. Legendary & Iconic ... or not ?

There has been a bit of debate in the last few years from former cricketers who all espouse a passionate stance either FOR or AGAINST the legend of the “Baggy Green”

Some like Ian Chappell and the late legendary Richie Benaud OBE have every right to say that playing for Australia was never about the green woollen fabric on their head called a baggy cap. This is a position adopted and agreed by some other cricketers stating that their Number One treasure of playing for Australia was the memories and bonds of friendship they formed during their careers.

Others like Steve Waugh and Justin Langer hold the “Baggy Green” in sacrosanct stating their honour and guarding of the “Legend” is a way of showing their respect to those who wore it with pride before them.

In our opinion … there is no right or wrong in this debate. Yes a baggy cap is ultimately just 8 pieces of fabric sewn together to make an item of headwear … and we dont think any cricketer would ever replace the memories of their careers for a keepsake like a their Baggy.

Equally the tradition and legend of the Baggy Green is something that every young (or old) Australian cricketer has every right to cherish if they so choose as it is the dream of so many young Australian cricketers … and nobody on the opposing side of this debate can or should ver impose their views on those who dream of one day wearing a Baggy Green. Tradition & heritage in sport and particularly with the fantastic sport of cricket is vitally important for the game to ensure its rightful future and place in history.

There is nothing wrong with the evolution of our game such as T20 but legendary traditions like the handing over of a Test debutants first and only ever Baggy Green cap is and should for ever be sacrosanct in our opinion.

December 2016 Update

News for the Iconic 'Australian Baggy Green' & 'Pink Baggy Caps'

Kookaburra & Cricket Australia - Important Note & Commendations


​Australia has a long history of hand crafted cap making & long may that continue because once these skills and trades are lost to mass overseas production they are unlikely to ever come back to our shores.

For this Cricket Australia must absolutely be applauded having recently mandated their famous Baggy Green to always be 100% hand crafted in Australia helping to ensure this trade and skill is never lost. Partnering with the iconic Kookaburra company (the globally famous Australian cricket brand established in 1890) CA & Kookaburra will ensure the 'Baggy Green' & the art of making it is never lost and always remains in Australia.

CA & 'Kooka' should also be thoroughly commended for recognising Australian farmers & our world class merino wool industry which produces the worlds absolute finest & best merino wool. The Kookaburra 'Baggy Green' cap uses 100% Australian WoolMark approved wool paying homage to our incredible sheep farmers leading the global merino wool industry Australia leads. We should all never forget just how much hard work and the dawn till dusk hours our farmers go through to produce the merino wool for the worlds finest wool flannel.

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