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Bonus Offers When Buying Cricket Hats 

Free Sports Sunglass Set Bonus

As part of Baggy Caps quest to ensure all cricketers are Sun Safe,  we have re established our partnership with a  supplier of sports sunglasses to bring back Baggy Caps well known Sunglass Offer from back in the late 90's and early 2000s.


Having dealt with many thousands of customers from all over the world Baggy Caps also recognises the effort and work that goes into ordering club equipment & also club apparel by club equipment managers or coordinators.  Such position holders all do so much organising & many hours of voluntary and thankless work.  Every cricket club has such people and they are often the soul and driving spirit of cricket clubs all around the world.


This fantastic Set of Polarised Sports Sunglasses are our free gift for all orders of 20 or more Baggy Caps with or without embroidery.  These fully UV400 sun rated approved sunglasses are perfect for playing in or even for using as a club raffle door prize for your club or school.


Having played cricket all our lives (& still playing) ... at Baggy Caps we always appreciate the voluntary work of cricket club coordinators & this is just our small gesture & token of thanks to all such people who in this case are organising their cricket clubs headwear.

Hopefully you take up our Free Sunglass Set Offer. To claim your Free Set when ordering all you have to do is:


free cricket sunglasses
Baggy Caps Free Sunglass Set Offer

Doctors Without Borders Donations Partnership

medecins sans frontiers and Baggy Caps

For over 10 years we have partnered with 'Doctors Without Borders' where very proudly we make a donation with & from the sale of EVERY SINGLE BAGGY CAP sold !!


At Baggy Caps we pride ourselves on trying our very best when it comes to real and true social responsibility … all the time never forgetting that most of us on the whole in the western world have it much better & much easier then some in the not so lucky parts of the world.


Since 2006 Baggy Caps have been partners with MSF whereby Baggy Caps makes a donation from the sale of every single Baggy Caps sold to this outstanding Charity Organisation … thats many thousands of dollars donated for over a decade to assist those in desperate need of help all over the world.

Why MSF ??

Simply put ... MSF is the worlds leading completely independent and impartial organisation for medical humanitarian aid which includes:

  • running food and nourishment programs in famine & drought stricken areas

  • implementing and putting in place safe drinking water & sanitation facilities & infrastructure

  • tackling medical emergencies all over the world often in challenging & sometimes dangerous  war zones

  • and much much more with over 24000 field staff operating in over 60


Baggy Caps also loves MSFs continual drive to cut through ridiculous red tape & governmental bureaucracy … a bureaucracy that sometimes hinders the process of delivering desperately needed assistance in a fast & efficient manner by being an organisation which is completely apolitical & 100% independent.


This makes MSF one of the worlds most effective aid organisation meaning every dollar donated is actually helping in real & effective ways.


Baggy Caps is accordingly proud of its long standing partnership with MSF & our decade long donations program.  Every single time we get an order for Baggy Caps we know & greatly appreciate the donations generated for MSF will play a small but crucial role in assisting those in desperate need of help.


To read more about MSF please visit


Scoreboard Offer

The Ultimate Deluxe Cricket Scoreboard
Valued at $395 for only $190 !!!
(includes delivery too!)   

Since Baggy Caps was established back in 1998,  we have built a number of long term partnerships with suppliers & companies from all over the world in both the cricket and wider sports industry.


One of our closest partnerships is with CleverScore Scoreboards, designers and makers of the worlds best range of manual scoreboards.


As part of a contra deal Baggy Caps and CleverScore have combined to offer an out of this world deal to get a brilliant full sized virtually indestructible CleverScore CYBoard Cricket Scoreboard worth $395 for ONLY $190 !!


This sensational contra deal is applicable to all orders of 20 or more Baggy Caps and will be delivered FREE OF CHARGE to all customers wanting this brilliant full sized cricket scoreboard.


These super lightweight self standing portable cricket scoreboards are the ultimate scoreboard for your main ground and perfect for 2nd grounds as well. They collapse and fit into any car no problems at all.  Click here to read more about

2017 Cricket CyBoard.jpeg
cricket scoreboard
Baggy Caps and CleverScore Scoreboards ... another great partnership benefitting grassroots cricket.
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