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Wholesale, Corporate & Licensed Partner Program presently supplies headwear regularly to over 50 wholesalers, retailers and promotional companies around Australia, the UK and New Zealand.  


We are used by these companies and businesses as we are the only manufacturer of baggy caps in the world that can supply their required wholesaling cricket headwear needs Australia wide within 24 hours (48 hours for remote regional areas)  ... and this is due to the fact that we we are the only company in Australia that always keeps stock of baggy caps. 


Other suppliers of baggy caps can take 6 to 12 weeks to deliver their baggy caps which often end up being low quality baggy cap.


We are also widely and universally used because of our manufacturing expertise, experience and our two decade year proven track record of outstanding customer service backed by the industries only absolute 100% product, pricing and service guarantee.     

Its also our goal to help and genuinely assist all operations big or small who wish to service and supply their clients with what are the best baggy caps in the world.  There are NO credit checks to join our wholesaling network ... there are no complicated forms or procedures .... the only requirements that we ask is simple proof of your registered business and your ABN number.  

Following these simple checks you will have your baggy caps in your hands 24 hours later.  The best baggy caps you can possibly supply your customers with in your hands 24 hours later - nothing is simpler then then that.  Effectively you & your business has stock on hand at no cost to you 365 days a year. 


In addition to our wholesaling network also handles the complete manufacturing and supply logistics for some of the worlds biggest sporting brands.  This essentially sees our manufacturing base and fully certified facilities being utilised to make make headwear under strictly confidential licensing arrangements by a number of well known sports brands.  Our design and supply expertise as well as our buying power and certified facilities has seen our Licensed product range grow rapidly. 


This is also why our clientele includes large MNC corporations whose ethics & product sourcing governance require the strictest procurement standards & practices. 

For any wholesale, corporate & all Licensing enquiries please contact us at

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