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Best Priced Baggy Caps in the World Guaranteed!

Best Prices Guaranteed

Best Prices & Customer Service ... Guaranteed

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best prices guaranteed

Established in 1998, we are a specialist designer & an actual manufacturer of cricket headwear.

We are well known throughout Australia & the world as having the highest quality & best range of Baggy Caps & cricket headwear at the best prices in the world – GUARANTEED!!

There are very few actual manufacturers of Baggy Caps although there are heaps of online sellers all over the internet.

Most of these overnight pop up shops & online sellers dont manufacture their own caps nor do they dont even carry stock of any headwear.

They just buy stock of low quality copied baggy caps 'when they get online orders' & then on-sell them to unsuspecting buyers and then pretend to be a cricket headwear operation.

Whilst we do wholesale our headwear all over the world they are clearly branded so low quality copies of our cap designs are easy to spot.  Speaking of copies, we are now working closely with Cricket Australia to end the unscrupulous practice of those people who sell replica Australian Baggy Green Caps.  There is NO SUCH thing as a replica Australian Baggy Green ... its an illegal activity run by some of these online sellers.

Baggy Caps guarantees its prices are the best in the world for the highest & best quality Baggy Caps manufactured anywhere.


This is a Baggy Caps guarantee !!


If however you find a baggy cap for sale for a lower price, then you & your club should & deserve to know just what & who are you buying from ... cricket clubs all over the world deserve to know the truth given how valuable clubs funds & resources are.

5 Simple Questions To Ask Before Buying Baggy Caps
You should ask these 5 simple questions before you buy cricket headwear from any seller ;


Are they the actual manufacturers or are they just onsellers selling someone else's headwear ?


Do they actually keep and carry stock of any headwear or will you have to wait many weeks or maybe even months before getting your order?   Can they deliver stock of Baggy Caps Australia wide within 24 hours like Baggy can (48 hours for remote areas)


An important ethical question … In which country and from what materials are their Baggy Caps made?   Can they absolutely guarantee no unethical labor practices were involved in the making of their caps?


Ask how long this seller of headwear has been selling Baggy Caps and do they absolutely guarantee the quality of every single cap or hat they supply ? 


Are their Baggy Caps the best & most advanced (scientifically proven the coolest) traditionally styled Baggy Caps ever made ?

At Baggy Caps we believe clubs and schools and all customers who buy Baggy Caps should know who and where their Baggy Caps are coming from before spending their valuable funds on this most unique and treasured style of headwear.

And remember we GUARANTEE our quality & prices which is the WORLDS BEST EVER CRICKET HEADWEAR GUARANTEE !!

If you do manage to find an actual supplier Baggy Caps who sells their own range of real & proper melton wool baggies at a lower price then ours & you email us their published pricing & written quotation for your order...we GUARANTEE to beat it !!

Because at Baggy Caps we design & manufacture the Worlds Best Baggy Caps at the Best Prices in the World...GUARANTEED.

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Buy Cricket caps and hats online at

The Best Service & Fastest Industry Leading Delivery

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baggycaps dot com customer service promise

The original & now famous motto & mantra first established in 1998 has been  

   The Best the Best prices ... with the Best    Service  ... Guaranteed

Since way back in the late 1990s many many 1000s of customers from all over the world have been happily astounded by both our customer service and the speed of our delivery.

As a business & trade, we exist and strive to deliver outstanding 'wow' levels of customer service.  We bemoan the very sad demise of real , prompt, polite & friendly customer service which we all sadly see & come across far too often these days.

Additionally today its all just way to easy to 'talk about' and 'espouse' customer service which is why our most valuable asset as a business is without a doubt the 1000s of Customer Testimonials we have built up over the past few decades.

As we state on our home page, nothing ... absolutely nothing is more important to us then the feedback & testimonials we get from every single one of our customers.  Making & keeping our customers beyond happy is the very reason for our existence and we implore potential new customers to read not only our testimonials but other suppliers of cricket headwear too.    


Reading through a companies testimonials is ultimately the only way to be sure of a companies track record &  at Baggy Caps we proudly stand by and behind the many 1000s of customers & their testimonials we have served since 1998.

Indeed as far as we know we are the only cricket headwear company in the world that gives both potential and actual customers the chance rate our service and make any comments

if they wish to do so.

Best Service & Quickest Delivery
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