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Australian Test Team

Pink Baggy Caps

The First Ever 'Pink' Baggy Cap Test 

3rd Test, Australia vs South Africa SCG 2009

When the people at '3' Mobile urgently called us in late November 2008 asking about the possibility of getting Pink Baggy Caps made up for the Sydney Test Match and McGrath Foundation we were more then happy to embark on this urgent mission even though we didnt have any pink melton wool in stock.


Thus our first task was to ensure our colour and dye process for the baggy material fabric was suitable and after having our lab dip swatch colours approved by '3' Mobile and the McGrath Foundation we began the manufacturing of the first ever known 'Pink Baggy Caps' for international Test Match Cricket .

It was our pleasure to both produce the Pink Baggies and to support the McGrath Foundation for the SCG Test Match. Aside from the colour, excitement and amazing Test Match played out between Australia and South Africa at the SCG let us not forget that Breast cancer is the most common cause of death from cancer in Australian women. If you would like to support the fight against breast cancer please visit the McGrath Foundation website at:



We have also by the way received a number of requests from the public to sell the Pink Baggy Caps. Please do understand that they are not really our baggy caps to sell as they are strictly McGrath Foundation Caps.

Speaking of the Australia vs South Africa series, congratulations to both teams, both captains and especially Graeme Smiths side on producing an enthralling Test Match Series showing Test Match cricket is alive and well.  Whilst there is a home for all forms of the game may Test Match cricket live long and prosper

Thank you and acknowledgement to News Corporation and Fairfax Media for the photography. 

December 2016 Update 

News for the Iconic 'Australian Baggy Green' & 'Pink Baggy Caps'

Kookaburra & Cricket Australia  -  Important Note & Commendations 

Australia has a long history of hand crafted cap making & long may that continue because once these skills and trades are lost to mass overseas production they are unlikely to ever come back to our shores.


For this Cricket Australia must absolutely be applauded having recently mandated their famous Baggy Green to always be 100% hand crafted in Australia helping to ensure this trade and skill is never lost.   Partnering with the iconic Kookaburra company (the globally famous Australian cricket brand established in 1890)  CA & Kookaburra will ensure the 'Baggy Green' & the art of making it is never lost and always remains in Australia.    

CA & 'Kooka' should also be thoroughly commended for recognising Australian farmers & our world class merino wool industry which produces the worlds absolute finest & best merino wool.  The Kookaburra 'Baggy Green' cap uses 100% Australian WoolMark approved wool paying homage to our incredible sheep farmers leading the global merino wool industry Australia leads.  We should all never forget just how much hard work and the dawn till dusk hours our farmers go through to produce the merino wool for the worlds finest wool flannel.    

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