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Simple Step By Step Ordering & Information

Cricket hat order & delivery info

Ordering Cricket Hats

Welcome to the Baggy Caps Ordering Information page. Here you will find a number of simple and totally secure Ordering options all offering easy, safe and secure methods for placing your orders no matter where you are in the world.


PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum order level of $100 for all orders.


Ordering Online

Placing an Online Order with Baggy Caps is as easy as it gets. By clicking on the Buy Now & Catalogue you are taken to Baggy Caps Secure Online Order Form page. On this page you are able to order your product/s, complete all necessary delivery details and make a safe and secure online credit card payment.  

To be 100% sure you only order exactly what you want we also have a fantastic Order Now Pay Later policy at Baggy Caps.  


Our secure web site uses the current safest levels of SSL certification 7 security to ensure secure transmission of your information. 


Please see how Baggy Caps handles your personal details below in our Privacy Policy ... put simply we will never ever ever share anyones details to anyone ... full stop end of story.


Once we receive your Order, we will immediately contact you to confirm both your order and all details associated with it as well as answering any questions you may have.


Please click here on our FAQ's if you have any general questions about ordering and our headwear.


Phone Orders

You can place an order over the phone by calling Baggy Caps Phone Order Service. Our Phone Order service has the benefit of immediate two way communication which means questions can be asked and answered immediately. 


To contact us by phone or to place a Phone Order please call us on;

Australia           0403 222 750

International     +61 403 222 750

With regards to Phone Hours of Operation there are usually staff here at Baggy Caps from 8am through to 8pm Australian time (and sometimes even later) which means that no matter where you are calling from in the world you should be able to contact us.  As a guide Australia is 7 hours ahead of the UK (and Europe) and is 12 to 14 hours ahead of North America.


Mail Orders

Please feel free to send any orders in by mail if you like or to also pay by cheque  (cheques to be made payable to 'Baggy Caps'). 


Baggy Caps 
PO Box 1010
Bibra Lake  6965


Once your mail order is received we will contact you immediately to confirm the order and its dispatch to you.



As you can see there are numerous options for making an order with Baggy Caps Cricket. The main point with all of our totally safe and secure payment options is that Baggy Caps is amenable to any and all payment and ordering options you may wish to use. Should you wish to discuss any of these options please do not hesitate to contact us.


Baggy Caps voluntarily adheres to the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988.


Today many websites use information they collect from their site for many reasons including the passing on of email addresses and information to third parties for commercial purposes and gain.


Baggy Caps proudly ensures that ANY and ALL information which is collected from our customers stays WITHIN Baggy Caps and is NEVER released to any third party under ANY circumstances.




Phone Order
Order Now
Mail Order
EFT Order
Privacy Policy
Keyboard with credit card leaning on it

Delivery Information

Delivery of cricket hats


Baggy Caps delivers all of its orders using Australian and world wide courier companies for total peace of mind and delivery security. All orders must be signed for on delivery so please ensure an address is used where someone will be able to sign for it (work addresses are often used which is fine). You will also be able to track your order online to see when delivery will be taking place.

All Australian orders are delivered in super fast time with between 1 to 2 days for delivery

All International and world wide orders are delivered within only 3 to 5 days delivery

Please note: It is the responsibility of our International Customers to be aware of any Customs, Duties or Charges that may be required for entry into their country. These fees are not included in our shipping charges. Usually orders arrive FOC (Free of Charges) as they are classified at our end as 'For Personal Use' and 'Not for Resale' but you should be aware of your specific countries regulations.



Delivery Pricing

With the incredibly high cost of fuel these days Baggy Caps actually subsidises the cost of delivery on all of its orders. All orders also benefit from the high speed delivery service of our couriers. Please use the following delivery pricing for all orders placed.

Australia Wide Overnight Courier Delivery

Up to 20 caps   Only $28
21 to 30 caps    Only $38
31 to 50 caps    Only $45

Over 50 caps  Contact us

World Wide Courier Delivery (3 to 4 days)

Up to 20 caps    Only Aud $95
21 to 30 caps     Only Aud $115
31 to 40 caps     Only Aud $140


Over 40 caps   Contact us

Delivery man
Delivery Information
Step by Step

Step by Step


Step by step cricket hat ordering process

The following step by step ordering procedure provides clubs and customers with an easy guide to ordering your headwear from Baggy Caps.  We have also provided a comprehensive FAQ section to help you with any questions that you may have prior to ordering. In addition, Baggy Caps will always contact all customers once we receive an order to confirm and double check your order.

1st First Step

Decide which caps and or hats your club is interested in. You can see our complete range of headwear in our Buy Now Catalogue.   Going through our catalogue you will see the complete details of the caps or hats such as colours, prices, order details, embroidery option, sizes, delivery and so on. You can also use this information to also show other members of your club or committee if need be.

2nd Second Step

If you are going for the embroidery option then we will need a good quality jpeg or gif to be sent to us by email. Most clubs will have a copy of their logo on computer or perhaps even decide to make a new logo up for their embroidery.   Whilst Baggy Caps is more then happy to advise on logos and colours we leave the designing of logos to clubs to ensure you get it exactly the way you want the logo.  If you do need help with your logo we have brought back after many requests our fantastic Logo Design Service

3rd Third Step

Once you have decided the caps and or hats you want (with or without logos) you may then place your order through our Buy Now Catalogue page. On this page we provide you with a number of simple ordering and payment options. 


4th Final Step

Following the placement of all orders Baggy Caps will always contact all customers to confirm all the details of the orders.  We will confirm any embroidery & logos and once you are 100% happy with your order we will send you out our payment details for payment via EFT, Direct Deposit into any Comm Bank branch or by Cheque.  

Track your Order

Track your cricket hat order


All Australian orders will be delivered within only 1 to 2 days 

All International and world wide orders will take between only 3 to 5 days delivery

Simple enter the Con Note of your order as supplied by Baggy Caps to track your order with the Courier Company we have used for your order.

Track your Order
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