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Our Past ... Our Present ... Our Team

& the Future


cutting patterns baggy caps
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Established in Perth West Australia in 1998, Baggy Caps is a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated designer and manufacturer of specialist cricketing headwear.


Whilst we supply and manage cricket headwear all over the world, our base of operations has and will always be in Australia.


Our superb range of high quality factory direct baggy caps includes the Number 1 selling 'baggy' in the world.  We specialise in the design, manufacture & embroidery of baggy caps and cricket & sports headwear.  We have also developed the 'best baggies' in the world blending age old traditions with our exclusive fabrics & high tech innovations ... indeed our 'Ultimate' range are the only baggy caps to have ever been Patented.

Being actual manufacturers & combined with our proven simple 'Step by Step' ordering system we pride ourselves on our speed of delivery especially our custom made bespoke range of baggies.


With our background in the cricket industry Baggy Caps was established to serve grassroots cricket with high quality, easy to order, cost effective headwear with 'real old fashioned' fast & efficient customer service.


Today we make caps for well known national & international teams, 1000s & 1000's of clubs & customers all over the world and also numerous globally iconic sports brands not to mention our corporate headwear range for some of the biggest multi national companies in the world. 

Our most important & proudest asset by far however is our fantastic reputation & our customers feedback & Testimonials since 1998.

Indeed, our reputation is so important to us that we openly welcome every single customer to rate our service and provide feedback & Testimonials no matter what their experience. As a business & as individuals we are not fans of 'rhetoric' or cheap talk so we eagerly look forward to proving ourselves to every single new customer that becomes a part of our clan.


Quite simply ... our goal is your absolute, total & complete satisfaction .


History of & the proud tradition of 'Capping'

The very very first item of cricket headwear we ever made was on our grandmothers Singer sewing machine back in the 1970s ... when 'terry towelling' hats were somehow all the rage in cricket !?


Thankfully, the next item made by us was our very own carefully designed baggy cap in the mid 1990s which was sewn in our south of Fremantle Wattleup base .


This was our own cut panel design shaped for both comfort & to also give better sun protection.  Yes we all love traditional cricketing headwear (except for the terry towelling hat) but we believed it should also offer better sun protection as well.  That very design from the 1990s has today evolved into the worlds number 1 selling baggy cap.

Baggy Caps old singer sewing machine

A crucial part of our history was our relationship with Middlepeg (see photo below) in the late 1990's which was one of Australia's first online cricket shops (we think either Harry Solomans Kingsgrove Sports or the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre was the very first online).  Middlepeg dealt directly with a lot of clubs & it was through that 'Baggy Caps' first sold its headwear.

Through Middlepeg we grew very quickly as it was probably the first time the cricket industry had seen an affordable super high quality range of baggy caps.

The sales of our baggy caps grew dramatically and eventually it was decided to then supply all our Australian and global sales through our now well known website.  

To keep up with the unprecedented demand we then set up our own overseas manufacturing facilities sourcing our own fabric and training our staff to continue the fantastic quality and reputation of our baggy cap.     


Today some 20 years later we are proud to still be making making our range of 100% Australian made baggies in Perth alongside our overseas manufacturing facilities ... all made to our famous standards guaranteeing you the best quality & priced baggies in the industry.


In 2017 we were excited to announce our  growth & physical expansion into New Zealand with a local Auckland base & warehousing operating under meaning even faster servicing, lower costs & faster delivery for the NZ market.   In 2018 we look forward to launching our London UK base operating under  (Click for more on our International Expansion)

We look forward to delivering a range of constantly evolving products, programs & unique events to ensure we lead and stay at the very forefront of this industry ... an industry that all of us here at absolutely love!

middlepeg shop 2001 Christmas party
red baggy cap
different coloured baggy caps

The Team - Our Passion for World Class Headwear

All of us at Baggy Caps (well most of us anyway) grew up playing grassroots cricket & some of us even went on to play cricket at the international level.  


Although we do make caps for major international teams (& some of the biggest sports brands in the world) its the grassroots & community level of cricket where our roots lie.  Unfortunately (in our opinion anyway) governing bodies & governments sometime forget just how crucial grassroots sports are to the survival of all sports that plays such a crucial role in our society today.  


The contributions of 1000s & 1000s of club volunteers are vital to junior & senior participation levels of all sports start.  We all love the game of cricket so we should all (ourselves included) do everything we can to ensure cricket not only survives but thrives and this belief is a passion of the entire team here at

The Team

The original founders of Baggy Caps back from 1998 are still passionately involved with day to day operations supplemented almost 2 decades later with an absolute world class team of cap makers and managers.


Even the early managers Phil, Donna & Lisa are still involved & sought after for their experience & feedback for important projects such as the Ultimate Baggy Cap (not to mention the less important  'Naked Baggy Caps'

Today,  Donna leads the fantastic Management Team of Baggy Caps helped by Jack our Head of Overseas Production and Denise our wonderful Perth based seamstress  & Head of Australian Production.   David one of the original founders & our first capper also works on special projects and leads Product Development at  

Perhaps our most 'treasured' member of though is Clemente Izurieta ... surely the most famous capper on the planet over the last century.  We are proud to not only have Clemente as our 'sage' but honoured also to consider both Clemente & his wife Georgina as close & dear friends & invaluable members of the family.   Stay tuned for the absolutely incredible life story of Clemente Izurieta & how David the chief capper & owner of  came to meet and become friends with the doyen of 'cappers' in Clemente. 

With Australia losing so many industries to cheap overseas production is proud to continue the century old tradition, craft & trade of hand making all manner of sporting & bespoke headwear right here in Perth Australia.   Denise & David share & drive this passion & are also for ever thanking & acknowledging the incredible though often forgotten Australian wool farmers whose hard work & dawn till dusk hours provides us with the world class wool needed to make such bespoke headwear.  

Baggy Caps Perth Clemente David Denise.j
Clemente & David in Sydney  copy.jpg
Space X
Dutch National Team Cap

December 2016 Update 

News for the Iconic 'Australian Baggy Green' 

Kookaburra & Cricket Australia  -  Important Note & Commendations

Australia has a long history of hand crafted cap making & long may that continue because once these skills and trades are lost to mass overseas production they are unlikely to ever come back to our shores.


For this Cricket Australia must absolutely be applauded having recently mandated their famous Baggy Green to always be 100% hand crafted in Australia helping to ensure this trade and skill is never lost.   Partnering with the iconic Kookaburra company (the globally famous Australian cricket brand established in 1890)  CA & Kookaburra will ensure the 'Baggy Green' & the art of making it is never lost and always remains in Australia.    

CA & 'Kooka' should also be thoroughly commended for recognising Australian farmers & our world class merino wool industry which produces the worlds absolute finest & best merino wool.  The Kookaburra 'Baggy Green' cap uses 100% Australian WoolMark approved wool paying homage to our incredible sheep farmers leading the global merino wool industry Australia leads.  We should all never forget just how much hard work and the dawn till dusk hours our farmers go through to produce the merino wool for the worlds finest wool flannel.

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