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As we state in our Customer Service Promise, nothing ... absolutely nothing  is more important to us then YOU our customer & the 1000s of reviews & testimonials from our customers since 1998.  Testimonials are ultimately the only way to be sure of a companies track record &  at Baggy Caps we proudly stand by and behind our now famous reputation for customer service. 

The cap looks fantastic - please send the rest on.


Sports Coordinator BISHS School Queensland

The new caps went off a treat. Very thankful to Baggy Caps for the excellent quality in their presentation. A couple of life members commented they hadn't seen the navy blue cap at the Club since the late '60s and how much 'tougher' it looks than the royal blue. Again our thanks. We'll probably order another 20 prior to next season.


Clayton District CC Australia

Dear Donna

Attached are 2 photos of the Mulgoa Cricket Club - better known as the MCC - on the SCG wearing those great caps. If, per chance, you wish to use this for advertising etc please fell free to do so.
Thanks again.


Mulgoa Cricket Club NSW Australia

Just to let you know we received the baggies and the guys are rapt with them. We actually sold out straight away so I think they are looking to order some more in. If we order some more how long will they take to get in?


Sydney Australia

Gents, Received the caps today. They look excellent, thanks very much for the service its been fantastic.

Kenneth Mathews

University of Leicester, England

I would like to thank Baggy Caps on their assistance in making our "baggy blues". There's nothing like common headwear to unite a team on the field, and they have helped us prepare our cricketing caps, so we can look as one on the field. Their speedy communication and manufacturing, as well as excellent prices were very much appreciated.


Estonian Cricket Association

G'day how are you - here was a photo from the backyard boxing day test of which you guys made the 'baggy reds'. Thanks again they look great! 

Rob Gregory

Adelaide, Australia

Hi guys Looks great! I'm really pleased with the way that's turned out. Our Treasurer, will make arrangements for payment.


OCC Secretary Canada

We received the caps and they look great. Thanks for your help


BKK Architects Melb, Australia

Thanks so much David!! Baggy Caps have been amazing at every step of the way in organizing these.


We'll send a Team photo asap :)

Saurabh Verma

Twitter Head Office San Francisco USA

Caps look great, the wheat / oats / grass, came up a treat.


Sommerville Victoria, Australia

Hi Baggy Caps,

Just got the new order of caps in. Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service, we really appreciate it.  Please keep our order on file should we run out of stock and need to make another additional order.

All the best, and thanks again.

Graham Myres

OCC Secretary

Thanks, caps arrived today, they look great!

Peter Davies

Illawara High School Australia

The caps have arrived and the payment has been taken from my card. Thanks for this, they look great and the lads, especially the Aussies in our team love the baggies (though Steve Waugh they aren't! - unfortunately). Two of our oppo teams have already been asking where we got them from. Internationally imported does sound quite exotic!

Steven Langley


My caps have just arrived. They look great. Many thanks for all your help and patience over the past few weeks.

John Holcombe

Landcaster Wanderer's Cricket Club United Kingdom

Hi Donna,

Have just arrived back in town and...O MY GOD, our baggy greens are fantastic! I couldn't be happier! Not only that, you have been the most accommodating business person I have ever dealt with (and I'll be sure to tell your boss). I can't wait for school staff, coaches and especially our players to see them. Don't know if we can recommend you as we don't want anyone looking as cool as us! I'll let you know the feedback and thank you again so much for all you have done!


St Nicholas College Tamworth NSW Australia

Good morning Baggy Caps,

Received the caps at the end of last week - they’re fantastic as expected!  We will be in touch when we need to order some more


City of Armadale Australia

Hi Donna,

We received the caps yesterday and they look fantastic thanks. I wore one around work to test it out.  Thanks for getting them made up and delivered so promptly and in time for the opening match of the season this weekend.

Tony Randal

Secretary Ashborne Cricket Club

Love the caps and hats. Great quality and embroidery is fantastic.
  Kind Regards

Paul Sichter

NBCC President

Dear Donna,

I want to express our sincerest appreciation again for all your assistance in providing such excellent customer service and the timely arrival of the caps. The event was a huge success and I would like to share with you the attached images of the Cricket Team at Upper Canada College. We look forward to future opportunities with Baggy Caps.
Kindest regards,

Jane Kent

In School Wear - Canada

Hi Donna,

Would like to say thank you for all your efforts we received the caps today this is fantastic you have done a wonderful job and we at PJCA appreciate all you effort in getting our baggy’s to us on such short notices. Thanks again.

Narrelle Smith

Penrtih Junior CC NSW Australia

Thank you thank you thank you & thank you !!  Our caps have arrived and the captain and I are completely over the moon about how they look at there quality...brilliant work. The Leeton Phantoms Cricket Club can not thank you enough for the work you have put in.
We are wrapped.
Enjoy your holidays.


Leeton Phantoms Cricket Club

Dear Donna

The baggy green hats were a real hit.  I will send through some photos. That is me on the left hand side of the photo.  Regards


Ladies Golf Club Coterie

Hi David,

Thanks for your fast delivery of our hats.  The floppys have been a huge hit and just about sold out. Could you please provide a total cost for another order of 20 floppy hats, with our logo embroidered.

Rob Gough

HCCCC Secretary

Hi Donna,

I was just getting on the computer to email and say thanks so much for arranging postage so quickly and came across your email. I wasn't at work today, but my colleague text me earlier to let me know the caps had arrived (she was very excited as it's the final part of our outfit). Thanks again for all of your help. With customer service like yours, I can understand why your website has all of the great reviews.  Many thanks and Merry Christmas,


Bundaberg QLD Australia

Hi Donna,

We got the caps yesterday, which was extremely fast, so that’s awesome. I gave myself one, obviously, then presented the captain with his, and then we started drinking and neither of us have taken them off for what is now over 24 hours, so I think that tells you all you need to know in regards to just how fantastically happy we are with them. Thank you so very much to you and the company. With 14 handed out and 5 debutants likely in February we will likely do business with you again soon.


Newcastle Australia

Hi Sonya


The Caps have arrived and they are fantastic! Will certainly be recommending you guys!

Thanks again! 


'Stingrays' Bernie Tasmania

Hi Sonia just a note I received the caps yesterday. They are fantastic my son wanted to wear it, but I told him he has to wait until they are ready and presented at presentation night. Thank you again for your assistance and prompt delivery. Would not hesitate to recommend this company.  Thanks

Tania Ward

Drouin Vic Australia

All good they rocked up today look great!




Albanny Cricket Association Western Australia

Hi Sonya 
Thank you so much . The Caps arrived yesterday and I had meant to ring you to say thank you so much for your wonderful service when I gave you such short notice 
Much appreciated and the boys will be very happy 

Mary Webster


Thanks the MCC baggys they are brilliant. We have had 2 more players join the team - can I please order 2 more Navy MCC caps with the same size logo as the last ones?

Also, can I please have these ones posted to New Zealand?


Michael Hayward

MCC New Zealand

Dear Sonya,

Please find attached a letter of thanks from Communities for Communities.

The Fielding hats with the incorrect embroidery were donated to the Bitung Village in Indonesia last month and were greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Kind Regards,

Catherine Waters

Catholic Schools Sports Services Australia

Hi Sonya,

We received the caps on Wednesday. Just wanted to say that they are FANTASTIC and we are very happy with them!   Wow – you have certainly been in the business for a long time. I would have to agree, and most definitely the best value for money!

Jarrod Holt

Lawrence Group Perth Australia

Just a quick message to confirm our caps arrived yesterday.
I am very happy with the quality, my concerns regarding the embroidery were unfounded.
I will be recommending you to the clubs & Associations of Gippsland as I know they are paying over $40 for the same thing from other suppliers.

David Anderson

Secretary Treasurer Gippsland Cricket Australia

HI David

Thank you for that- really appreciate it.

Also the boys love the new Baggy's- Very happy

Dale Baldwin

Niddrie Australia

Hi Guys

Good afternoon

Just back and just paid

Thanks the customer liked them very much

Speak soon


Adelaide Australia

Hi David,

Received these today and am very happy with them.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,


ASJCC Australia

Hi Sonya

Just letting you know that the caps have arrived , absolutely fantastic couldn’t be happier with them. Thank you so much for them and all your help.

Thanks Andrew 

Andrew Crison

Gladstone CC Australia

Hi Sonya

We have received the Baggy caps, thank you.

Everyone must be happy with the quality as we have already sold out.

Could I please place an order for 15 more.

Graeme Barndon

Sportsmans CC Geraldton Australia

FYI Phil you guys saved my bacon as I was toast if they didnt arrive before our tour left - will get that invoice sorted out right now.  Cheers and brilliant service 

Mick Collins

Sydney Australia

Just an email to say thank you for such a professional job with the baggy caps they look fantastic!

Ben Heap

WRCC Australia

The caps arrived. They look awesome. Thanks again.

Angus Boyd

Bondi NSW Australia

Thanks Sonya, I’ll forward it onto our Treasurer.

And thank you to you and David for such fantastic service.  The caps/hats arrived yesterday, right in time for our club function, and they look brilliant.

The kids are going to love them!

Be in touch again next year.


Juliana Barrington


Hi David

The caps arrived today. Thank you so much for sending them.

The funds will be transferred on Monday.

Have a good weekend


Annette Cheung

Sydney NSW Australia

Thank you for a swift and helpful process

Peter Lamz

Noarlunga Cricket Club Australia

The hats arrived and they look great. Thank you very much!

Andrew Knight

Newcastle Australia

Hi David, I did receive it sorry I haven't gotten back to you! it has been a hectic start to the year and I haven't had a chance to sort through this years footage and photos as of yet. I'm off to NZ tomorrow for a holiday/work but will get back to you when I return once i've had a chance to sort through the Backyard cricket stuff.

To sum up though the event was a huge success. The baggy caps looked amazing, we couldn't have been happier with them so thank you and Sonya for all your help organising them. The scoreboard was fantastic as well and came into its own late in the day as we came to a nail biting finish (as you'll read in the attached article). Both the baggys and scoreboard feature heavily in the photos so I'll send you through the best ones when I can. For now check out the coverage we got in the Shepparton News, even made front page news!

Be in touch soon. Best regards

Charlie Quinn

Shepparton Australia

All good guys. Received just then and they look great!

Thanks for getting them to me by today, really appreciate it!


Dane Keenes

Wombats Australia

Hi David,

Attached is some of the photos from the Games including Rick McCosker presenting the Baggy Caps to the boys.

I know on a time scale this whole process has been drawn out but we have been so impressed with the quality of the baggy caps and would love use your company again in the future.

Thanks again for everything, I'm sure I'll be in touch again soon.

Toby Kable


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