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Our Very Proud 10 Year Partnership

Baggy Caps & MSF...a 10 year & growing not out partnership.

Baggy Caps makes a donation to MSF from the sale of EVERY SINGLE BAGGY CAP sold !!

At Baggy Caps we pride ourselves on trying our very best when it comes to real and true social responsibility … all the time never forgetting that most of us on the whole in the western world have it much better and much easier then some in the not so lucky parts of the world.

Since 2005 Baggy Caps have been partners with MSF whereby Baggy Caps makes a donation from the sale of every single Baggy Caps sold to this outstanding Charity Organisation … thats many thousands of dollars donated for over a decade to assist those in desperate need of help all over the world.

Why MSF ??

Simply put...MSF is the worlds leading completely independent and impartial organisation for medical humanitarian aid which includes:

  • running food and nourishment programs in famine & drought stricken areas

  • implementing and putting in place safe drinking water & sanitation facilities & infrastructure

  • tackling medical emergencies all over the world often in challenging & sometimes dangerous areas and war zones

  • and much much more with over 24000 field staff operating in over 60

Baggy Caps also loves MSFs continual drive to cut through ridiculous red tape and governmental bureaucracy … a bureaucracy that sometimes hinders the process of delivering desperately needed assistance in a fast and efficient manner … by being an organisation which is completely apolitical and 100% independent.

This makes MSF the worlds most effective aid organisation which means every dollar donated is actually helping in real and effective ways.

Baggy Caps is accordingly proud of its long standing partnership with MSF and its decade long donations program … and every single time we get an order for Baggy Caps we know and greatly appreciate the donations generated for MSF will play a small but crucial role in assisting those in desperate need of help.

To read more about MSF please visit

Baggy Caps & MSF...a 10 year & growing not out partnership.

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