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Global Village

Thinking globally acting locally & paying homage to artisans from all over our world Chic Individual Hand Crafted Fashion Masterpieces Our long held passion for the design and manufacture of Baggy Caps extends well beyond the boundary of just the cricket field … indeed as you can see in our History section ...the humble baggy cap has a very rich tradition going back well over 150 years in places and countries few would expect. Having travelled wide and far ... Baggy Caps has always admired fabric & textile craftsmanship on all of our travels …. and we are proud to promote individual craftsmanship from all over our diverse planet. With our Global Village range, Baggy Caps has partnered with artisans from across the world to design and hand craft the most unique range of culturally chic baggy caps ever made. Utilising only locally sourced & spectacular fabrics, the Baggy Caps Global Village range proudly highlights the name or initials of the actual artisan who made that particular baggy cap and the date it was made. This in itself is a world first ! Crucially...the Global Village range of Baggy Caps also sees much needed funds and revenues going directly into the communities which house and surround every single craftsperson making our Global Village range of baggies. There is no mass production in our Global Village range. There are no wholesalers or middle men nor indeed anyone else other then our individual artisans and you the end user / buyer. Again this project of ours has never been done before...but we believe such ventures must be done to globally highlight the amazing fabrics, colours, work effort and skills of these amazing artisans. Stay tuned to our full launch of Global Village in November which will showcase a truly unbelievable range of fabrics and colours from places very far and wide across our planet.

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