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Baggy Caps Worldwide

Born in 1998, our foundation, success and world wide industry reputation has paved the way for our global growth & expansion.

From our very humble beginnings operating out of a small home bases office & warehouse in the rural Perth suburb of Wattleup, Baggy Caps has over the past 17 years gone on to become the worlds premier online supplier of cricket headwear.

We think our formula of success so far has been quite simple. We self design and manufacture a superb range of headwear based products...offer them to customers around the world at unbeatable factory direct prices...and then back it up with our insatiable desire to provide a truly out of this world WOW customer service experience.

Given our global growth and the demand for our products in various markets around the world...2017 sees Baggy Caps expand internationally to have home bases and headquarters in various international locations.

Baggy Caps NZ

By late 2017 will have an office and distribution warehouse in New Zealand. This office and warehouse operating out of Auckland will become known as

New Zealand has been a hugely successful market for Baggy much so that expanding into NZ was not only a logical step but one that the market basically demanded as well. Now all NZ customer service and product warehousing will operate out of Auckland greatly reducing order delivery times for all NZ customers.

Baggy Caps UK

In late 2018 we hope to have finalised an operational office & warehouse in an outer London industrial area to be our English base for Baggy Caps UK. Over the past 17 years we have built up a huge list of regular clientele in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and to reduce the cost of logistics it has become absolutely essential to establish a base for Baggy Caps in the UK.

Whilst London and UK warehousing and office space is expensive we have been offered a reciprocal contra deal with a business in the UK whereby we will offer our Australian warehousing to this UK operation in return for office space and storage facilities at their UK base. This becomes a cost neutral situation for our UK customers and also slashes the operational and logistical expenses of all our UK orders.

This expansion is an exciting time for us and also for our UK and NZ based nothing beats being able to pick up your phone and call Baggy Caps in your own country to handle any orders or ask any questions.

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