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History of the Baggy Cap

December 12, 2016


The Authoritative Origin of the Worlds Oldest Sports Cap


Much has rightly been written about the legend of the “Baggy Green” and its incredible place in Australian cricketing history. Justifiably as the steep history and tradition of the “Baggy Green” goes back well over 120 years. (visit our Much More section on our website to read about the “Baggy Green” legend)


What is much less known about however is the absolutely amazing history that the actual Baggy Cap has which dates back back well over 160 years.


At Baggy Caps, we have long been fascinated by this history...a history which leads us and other to possibly that the Baggy style of Cap is the most historically famous style of sporting headwear ever designed and manufactured. Indeed Baggy Caps is currently working closely with a number of historians from across the world and a major sports publishing company so as to eventually publish an authoritative opus on the subject. Because as we outline below...the humble Baggy Caps journey over the past 160 years is certainly captivating one (no pun intended).


BaggyCaps.com welcomes with open arms historians or fellow enthusiasts who may be able to add to the history outlined below.




Historical & Early Vintage Sports Headwear


Caps and hats and the every day wearing of headwear obviously has a history going back many millennia. In terms of organised sporting headwear, early depictions (pre photography) shows sports men and women wearing a variety and multitude of hat and cap styles.


Though one could debate the exact definition of a Baggy Cap...there can be little debate about the first recorded origins of what is clearly a Baggy style of Cap which was worn by sportsman dating back to the mid 1800's.


From the cricketing perspective, there is a wide array of recorded headwear worn by cricketers in the 1700 and 1800s. Early formalised cricket headwear from these periods predominantly appear to be what we now call or refer to as skull caps which is effectively a cap without peak. Whilst there is evidence of cricket caps with peaks being worn by cricketers in the early 1800s they appear to just be like caps worn by the every day gentleman of the period.



Earliest Recorded Origins of a Baggy Cap


Most people justifiably associate the Baggy Cap with the game of cricket...which was played all around the world in the 1800s.


There is however no doubt that from the historical perspective at least...this is a commonly held fallacy and a very inaccurate assumption, because there is no doubt the origins of the Baggy Cap actually originate from the game of Baseball!


As you can see...the earliest Boston style baseball caps are effectively exactly the same as what everyone refers to today as being a Baggy Cap. 8 panel lined construction, woven woollen felt fabric, attached peak / brim, and as clearly seen offered in a multitude of colours and patterned styles.


Whilst cricket was played extensively in the US in the 1800s (indeed the first ever recorded game of international cricket was played between the US and Canada in 1844) there is as mentioned no doubt the first Baggy Caps were made specifically for baseball.


And, from our research...we have come to the conclusion that the very first ever recorded Baggy Caps made for sports use (baseball) were designed and manufactured by a tailor, craftsman and shop owner by the name of Irving Snyder who along with his younger brother and business partner Andrew Peck then became the famous Peck & Snyder sports shop and sporting goods manufacturers based in New York city.


Whilst it is possible of course that other tailors and artisans may have made a Baggy style sports cap prior to Irving Snyder...there is absolutely no doubt that the Snyder family were effectively the 'Henry Ford' of the sports headwear industry. Indeed Peck & Snyder are recognised around the world as being the first shop or company or operation to ever produce the worlds first ever sports catalogue showing the sports good for sale that they manufactured. (today of course the internet would have millions of sports catalogues online, but accounts and records of the day show that when the worlds first ever sports catalogue was produced by Peck & Snyder there was incredible demand if not a fever across the USA to just even see the catalogue let alone own one)


At Baggy Caps we quite proudly own an official reproduction of two early Peck & Snyder catalogues, as we do see Irving Snyder as being the father, creator and person most responsible for this fantasti