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Scoreboard Offer

The Fantastic CyBoard Cricket Scoreboard

Valued at $395 ... buy for only $250 !!!


Free Delivery too !

​Since was established back in 1998,  we have built a number of long term partnerships with suppliers & companies from all over the world in both the cricket and wider sports industry.


One of our closest partnerships is with CleverScore Scoreboards, designers and makers of the worlds best range of manual scoreboards.


As part of a contra deal Baggy Caps and CleverScore have combined to offer an out of this world deal to get a brilliant full sized CyBoard Cricket Scoreboard valued at $395 for ONLY $250 !!    This is now the famous 'white' scoreboards you are seeing all around Australia and the world.   See this link for more details


This sensational contra deal is applicable to all orders of 20 or more Baggy Caps and will be delivered FREE OF CHARGE to all customers wanting this brilliant full sized cricket scoreboard.


 Visit CleverScore to read more about their scoreboards at


Baggy Caps and CleverScore Scoreboards ... another great partnership benefitting grassroots cricket.

Scoreboard Offer Only $250

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