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Baggy Caps FAQs

About - Ordering Cricket hats -  Shipping the Baggy Caps - How to pay for your Cricket hats

Why should we use for our club caps and hats

Quite simply, there are a few reasons why we have grown to become the biggest supplier of baggy caps and cricket headwear on the planet ;

  • We are an actual factory specialising in cricket headwear 

  • We proudly make & supply the best baggy caps on the planet at factory direct prices which are guaranteed the best in the industry

  • Our reputation for fantastic fast & friendly customer service is 2nd to nobody - our world revolves around ensuring your guaranteed satisfaction (please read our Customer Testimonials if you like)

  • We love & specialise in custom bespoke baggies ... other suppliers 'hate' custom orders ... nobody and we mean nobody can make & deliver custom baggy caps faster then us (please see all the pics of the 1000s of custom baggy orders we have made over the past 2 decades    

Please look through website for more about our love of cricket headwear or feel free to contact us at any time. 

Can you tell us a bit about please

As a business we are quite proud of our humble origins way back in 1998 and even prouder of now being the Worlds Number One Supplier of Cricket Headwear.  Please visit the About Us and History sections to learn a whole lot more if you feel like it.

Our cricket club has been thinking about getting some hats but we are in Toronto. Do you supply hats to Canada?

Baggy Caps has supplied and sent cricket headwear to all parts of the world.  Through our international couriers we can send orders anywhere in the world in only 3 to 4 days.

How do we make an order for club please?

We pride ourselves on a super simple super fast order system



Your 3D Design Your Own Cap app looks cool - can we order from that app ?

Well given the time, effort & resources we put into this app we certainly hope our customers like our Design Your Own Cap App thats for sure !


Can we track our order online after it is dispatched?

In conjunction with couriers Baggy Caps has an Online Tracking facility which means that you can track your order in real time from the moment it leaves our factory.  This is proving a popular service with our customers who like to keep an eye out for their order whilst they are on the internet.  

How much will the courier delivery cost to get our 20 baggy caps?

At we now only partner with courier companies who share our quest for super fast value driven deliveries to all parts of Australia and the world.  Super fast delivery at low affordable prices should be an expected given across all industries and often we will actually even subsidise the cost of delivery for some order.    Click here to read more about our delivery services.   All deliveries are completely secure and require a signature on delivery ... proudly in 18 years we have never had an order lost to a delivery failure.

Australia Wide Overnight Courier Delivery

Up to 20  caps    Only $18

21  to 40  caps    Only $28

41 to  60   caps   Only $38

61 to  100 caps   Only $48

Over 100 caps    Contact us

World Wide Courier Delivery (3 to 4 days)

Up to 30 caps     Only Aud $95
31 to 50 caps      Only Aud $120
51 to 100 caps    Only Aud $150
Over 100 caps    Contact us

What on earth is 'Naked Baggy Caps' ?

Good question ... 

Ok ... the owners and everyone involved with Baggy Caps kind of loves short movies ... and being a slightly creative bunch (you can / will be the judge of 'slightly creative' of course) we decided to make a bit of a mockumentary short film about Baggy Caps.

Everyone then got so excited about this fun little project that we then decided to also enter the film into Tropfest which is probably the worlds biggest / most famous short movie competition.  

So with much self mocking of ourselves in mind and lots and lots of fun along the way we came up with a script ... called it 'Naked Baggy Caps' ... and we filmed our first ever short movie (and last probably) and entered it into Tropfest.

So ... feel free to watch it if you like BUT please be warned ... whilst we are the best maker of baggy caps on the planet ... we are def NOT repeat NOT budding Steven Spielbergs ...


Click here to watch 'Naked Baggy Caps' the movie 


What is the 'Ultimate Baggy Cap' all about?

We as a business pride ourselves on both the heritage and tradition of the baggy cap and also the incredible fabric innovations of recent years.  

Whilst we absolutely love the Classic Baggy Cap (the worlds number 1 selling baggy cap) over the past 5 years it was our mission to design and develop the 'Ultimate Baggy Cap' using the absolute latest in both traditional fabrics and also revolutionary new textiles as well.  

In 2016, we released what most certainly is the worlds best, coolest and most advanced baggy cap ever made and it will revolutionise the cricket headwear industry.  It is so advanced and so beneficial that we are also currently in talks with the Cancer Council of Australia to hopefully try and make this cap the only Cancer Council approved Baggy Cap in the world.  


The 'Ultimate Baggy Cap' is also the worlds only and first ever Patented Baggy Cap ... and is also exclusively the only Baggy Cap on the planet which has exclusive access and use of CoolCore fabrics which is the worlds leading cooling & 100% chemical free fabric.

Click here for more about about the 'Ultimate Baggy Cap'


I see that you have a minimum order of 20 caps for all your hats and caps with embroidery. Our club only needs 12 caps. Can we place an order with you for 12 caps?

Baggy Caps has a minimum order of 20 for all caps/hats that require embroidery.

This can be any combination of caps and hats as long as the total order is 20 or more.  We are one of the few companies around who do not charge a digitising embroidery disk fee for our orders.  This is a cost we absorb so as to increase the value of our product range to our customers.   We can actually supply less then 20 caps with embroidery but we do then have to cover the small embroidery disk fee for such orders   If your club requires less then 20 caps then you may also of course just order the blank baggies or hats without your logo and then usually your local embroidery service will be happy to add your club logo.

Can you tell us about your donations to 'Doctors Without Borders' ?

At Baggy Caps we are very big believers in trying our best to help play a small part in helping others and improving the world.


Its probably fair to say that if you are reading this website then you (and we of course) are in most likelihood all part of the 1st world ... and whilst we love our business and we love cricket and we love the wider societal benefits that sport brings to our communities we also realise the suffering and hunger that so sadly exists all over the 3rd world.

About 10 years ago (approx 2007) we decided as a business to make a donation from the sale of every single baggy cap (and/or hats) to the fantastic organisation 'Doctors Without Borders' (MSF) ... the work they do all over the world is amazing and we also like the high % of their donated funds which actually gets spent in the field and not on admin or marketing.

We actually did not even advertise the fact that we were making these donations until now (2017) but we decided to share our Donations Partnership with MSF to possibly encourage other small businesses to also try and establish a small and regular donations program.

Please click here to read more about our MSF Partnership or visit MSF directly at :


I would just like to purchase one melton wool baggy cap. Can I order this from Baggy Caps?

As outlined on our website we have a minimum order spend of $100 excluding courier charges. This is designed more for our customers in mind then us in fact. All of our orders are delivered by courier for absolute and total delivery security. If someone wanted to order just one cap then it would become a very pricey cap with the actual cost of one cap plus the courier charges for delivery.

I am desperately after the Australian Baggy Green Cap - could you please supply me with one?

If only we had a dollar for every time we have been asked this...


Quite rightly and quite ethically we do not supply the Baggy Green cricket cap as worn by the Australian cricket team.   We are often asked about this and we definitely do not supply this particular baggy cap as a big fixed rule.   In this ever increasing commercial world we could sell a LOT of these caps but we are quite respectful of the image and aura regarding the famous "baggy green".   We agree that it should remain domain of the Australian Test team so that it may continue to hold a special appeal in perpetuity.

There is no shortage of companies that try to replicate and sell the famous baggy green cap with the Australian Test team logo but we are as outlined not one of those.  (In fact some of these have even bought bulk orders of our blank bottle green baggies and then later put the Australian team logo on them much to our displeasure)

It is our very name and operation to supply the bulk orders of the traditional melton wool baggy cricket caps to clubs all over the world however we have never and will never supply individual collectors or memorabilia chasers with an individual replica of the Australian Test team Baggy green cap.  

Do you do the alternate panel caps? Our club colours are navy and sky blue and we would like both the baggy caps and your club cap to be in these alternate colours.

Yes we certainly do supply clubs all over the world with our alternate panel and custom baggy caps.   Given the endless colour combinations though these are of course a special order item from our factory and we supply our Custom Baggies in only a super fast 3 approx timeframe.   There is a minimum order of 30 caps for all Custom Baggy Caps orders ... but if you do need less the 30 caps please do contact us to see what we can do.   Baggy Caps is proud of our expertise in making fully customised superb quality baggy caps at the worlds best prices.   

We have sent you a photo of our previous club cap which shows our club logo. Can you use this photo for our logo image?

Baggy Caps receives logos for customers every day from all over the globe but please note its basically impossible to make and embroider a logo from a photograph.  We do require a simple good quality jpeg or gif image of your logo for our embroidery disk to reproduce a high quality embroidery for you.   Getting a quality logo for your club is a simple task for any club member who has good skills with a basic computer artwork or feel free to use our special "Logo Design Service" which gives you access to a fantastic graphics artist we use who makes incredible logos

Can Baggy Caps design or alter our club logo for us?

First of all just to let you in on a little secret ... despite having seen so many 1000s and 1000s of logos over the past 18 years .... we actually still love seeing all new, different and of course cool looking logos.  

As a big big rule however and to actually ensure all of our customers end up with the exact logo they want for their club, we do not alter or amend club logos.   We are very keen to ensure that the logo your club goes with is designed exactly the way that your club wants it and we also guarantee this with every order also going through a logo proof stage just prior to embroidery.  


Once we get your final logo design by email in a simple good quality jpeg or gif format we will then ensure the highest quality embroidery for your order.

To alter or amend or even create a brand new logo you can of course use our "Logo Design Service" which gives you access to a fantastic graphics artist we use who makes incredible logos.

Does Baggy Caps offer a discount for bulk orders?

Most certainly we do give discounts for a number of reasons.  Please see below for our Bulk Order Discount schedule or contact us if you are a charitable or non profit organisation. 


Quantity           Price Discount


1 to 40               Pricing as shown on website

41 to 60             10% off pricing

61 to 100           15% off pricing

101 to 150         20% off pricing

Over 150            For orders over 150 caps we would usually run this through our 

                             'Wholesale' program to ensure even lower pricing & maximum value 

Please note that we apply this discount pricing to the total number of your clubs order so that it may be applied to a number of cap or hat styles.  Your club might order 40 baggy caps and 40 floppy white hats - this is a total hat order of 80 which means a total discount of 15%.

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